Otto AWS Migration (since 2017)

I prepared and designed scenarios for’s migration to Amazon Web Services. I am consulting multiple development teams and helping them doing the actual migration. The main focus of the project is making the development teams even more independent as well as moving operational responsibility into the development teams.

Otto Container Platform (2014 - 2017)

As a tech lead, I was responsible for building a container platform running based on the open source tools docker, mesos, marathon, chronos and haproxy. The main focus of that platform is enabling the development teams to deploy their applications through all stages, including production, without any interaction with the central operations team. The container platform is running most of the frontend workload of as well as big data analysis with spark.

Android Apps (since 2010)

I’ve built quite a number of android apps. The most prominent are Call Meter 3G, Call Meter NG, WebSMS, SMSdroid and Pixel Sheep. My apps gathered more than 2 million downloads in Google play. Most of these apps are open source.

I also built android apps for Groupon, and terminbuddy.